At DWNTWN we develop real estate projects a little differently. We believe the city in all its complexity holds the key to a bright future, that is why our core business is sustainable redevelopment and thoughtful regeneration of existing buildings. Our practice is focused on integrated, green and sustainable projects with multi-modal accessibility, located in city centres. We believe this should be the standard for a future-proof approach of development.



To us sustainability is a broad spectrum of actions we strive for in every project. It means environmental friendly buildings both in terms of materials and energy. It means thinking long-term on matters such as dealing with changing needs, impact on the surroundings and the link to other places both geographic and programmatic. These are all issues that are taken into account and that we implement in our projects through quality architecture, flexible plans and forward-thinking programs.



Founders Alexander Steyns and Jan De Kuyper met while working in real estate development. DWNTWN was founded in 2017 as a way to explore their shared vision on sustainable redevelopment. In order to expand our scope, the core team was fortified by Werner Joris in 2021, adding extensive experience in large scale and B2B real estate. The growing DWNTWN team relies on a wide mix of backgrounds and experiences to envision tomorrow’s cities. We also collaborate with a network of like-minded partners in various fields. Partnering with the best of breed allows us to broaden our scope and to be innovative in the way we live, work and move.


As passionate urban dwellers we want to create places that will have a positive impact on the cities we leave to the next generation. Buildings shape the city, but it's the way real estate creates places that matter in peoples' everyday life that defines truly successful projects.

Facts & Figures


Even though we are truly passionate about our vision, we are fully aware that some of you are just looking for numbers... so here they are:

FoundedAUGUST 2017 Delivered projects5
M² Under development100.000 M² (Asset) Value of projects sold orunder development400 MEUR Management's combined yearsof RE experience75